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Grade: 12th pass


What is oxmercurationdemercuration reaction​............!!!!!

2 months ago

Answers : (2)

Pawan Prajapati
askIITians Faculty
3407 Points

Oxymercuration-demercuration: A reaction in which an alkene is reacted with a Hg2+ salt and an oxygen nucleophile (water or an alcohol), to form an organomercury intermediate. The intermediate's carbon-mercury bond is then converted to a carbon-hydrogen bond by treatment with NaBH4.

2 months ago
Apurva Sharma
214 Points
Oxymercuration-demercuration is an indirect method of addition of water to alkene for making alcohol.
The reagents used in this reaction are
1)Hg2+ salt (mostly mercuric acetate used)
2)water as a neucleophile (gives OH-)
3)NaBH4 (gives H-)
Alkene reacts with mercuric acetate to form an organomercury intermediate, which reacts with NaBH4 and gets reduced to alcohol.
In unsymmetrical alkene MARKOVNIKOV RULE IS FOLLOWED. But
There is NO formation of Carbonation, so no rearrangements are possible.
Example of a overall reaction:
CH3CH=CH3 + reagents 1,2&3 ----> CH3CH(OH)CH3
Hope you got the complete answer:
2 months ago
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