what is inductive effect? please explain in detail.

what is inductive effect? please explain in detail.


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Sunil Kumar FP
askIITians Faculty 183 Points
9 years ago
Inductive effect in simple terms is the result of permanet dipole produced due to polarity of the sigma bond developed due to difference in electronegativity.
This causes a permanent state of bond polarization, where the more electronegative atom has a slight negative charge (δ–) and the other atom has a slight positive charge (δ+)
for ex:-
The more electronegative atom pulls the electrons in the bond towards itself creating some bond polarity for example the O-H and C-Cl bonds in the following examples
CH3OH and CH3Cl
in the first example O acquires – charge and H acquires +1 charge
in the second example c=+charge and Cl=-ve charge

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