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what is difference in aromatic , non aromatic and anti aromatic ?

what is difference in aromatic , non aromatic and anti aromatic ?


2 Answers

8 Points
7 years ago
any organic compoundsatisfying huckel rule is a aromatic compound.compound follows huckels with smaill change ie.., instead 4n+2 delocalised electrons anti-aromatic have 4n delocalised outer pi electrons are anti-aromatic .compounds breaks atleast one of the point in huckel rule are non aromatic. huckel rule:- 1)COMPOUND SHOULD BE PLANAR 2)system should 4n+2 delocalised outer pi electrons
Shivam Chopra
45 Points
7 years ago
1st difference- All cpds following huckel rule are aromatic. huckel rule:- 1. Molecule should have all carbon atoms in sp2 hybridised state. 2.They should have 4n+2 pi bond electrons (n=0,1,2...) e.g-Benzene. All cpds following above 1st rule and having 4n pi electrons (n=0,1,2...) are anti aromatic. e,g-cyclobut-1,3 diene Other cpds except above are non-aromatic. 2nd difference- Aromatic cpds are most stable & Anti aromatic are least stable. Hope you find it useful.

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