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what is cycloalkanes

what is cycloalkanes


3 Answers

Sunil Kumar FP
askIITians Faculty 183 Points
7 years ago
cycloalkane are type of hydrocarbon that have one or more ring of carbon atom in the chemical structure of their molecule.
n=no nof carbon atom
g= no of ring
ex cyclopropane,cyclobutane(one ring 4 carbon atom.)

thanks and regards
sunil kr
askIItian faculty
Nirmal Singh.
askIITians Faculty 44 Points
7 years ago
Cycloalkanes(also callednaphthalene, but distinct from naphthalene) are types of hydrocarbon compounds that have one or more rings of carbon atomsin theChemical Structureof their molecules.Alkanesare types of organic hydrocarbon compoundsthat have only singlechemical bondsin their chemical structure. Cycloalkanes consist of only carbon (C) andhydrogen(H) atoms and are saturated because there are no multiple C-C bonds tohydrogenate(add more hydrogen to). A generalchemical formulafor cycloalkanes would beCnH2(n+1-g)wheren= number of C atoms andg= number of rings in the molecule. Cycloalkanes with a single ring are named analogously to their normalalkanecounterpart of the same carbon count:cyclopropane,cyclobutane,cyclopentane,cyclohexane, etc. The larger cycloalkanes, with greater than 20 carbon atoms are typically called cycloparaffins.

Nirmal Singh
Askiitians Faculty

Akarsh Aithal
36 Points
7 years ago
alkanes having more than 2 carbon atoms and arranged in the cylic manner

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