what is called hybridisation?

what is called hybridisation?


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Aarti Gupta
askIITians Faculty 300 Points
8 years ago
Hybridisation- It is the phenomenon of intermixing of atomic orbitals of slightly different energies of the atom to form new set of orbitals of equivalent energies and identical shape.Hybridisation is an theoretical concept and was introduced by Linus Pauling in order to explain some structural properties which cannot be explained by simple theories of valency.The set of new orbitals formed after the hybridisation are called hybrid orbitals.Some important point regarding this phenomenon are as follows-
1.The orbitals participating in hybridisation must have only a small difference of energies.
2.The number of hybrid orbitals is equal to the number of orbitals taking part in hybridisation.
3.The hybridised orbitals are equivalent in energies and in shape.
4.Both half filled as well as completely filled orbitals of valence shell can participate in hybridisation.
5.The hybrid orbitals can form stronger bonds as compared to the unhybridised orbitas because they can undergo more effective overlap.

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