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Grade: 11
What is Aromatization, dehydrocyclization, isomerisation and Alkylation with examples?
3 years ago

Answers : (1)

shashank sharma
12 Points
Aromatization is a process of formation of aromatic compounds in a chemical reaction.For Example-conversion of cyclohexane into benzene by removal of hydrogen.reaction involved is- C6H12~C6H6 + 3H2
Dehydrocyclization is a process of cyclization involving removal of hydrogen.For Example-Conversion of heptane to toluene
reaction involved- C7H16~C6H5CH3 + 4H2
Isomerization is a process of formation of isomers in a chemical reaction.For Example-
See this reaction-
CH3-CH2-CH2-CH3 with AlCl3+HBr~ CH3-CH(CH3)-CH3
in this reaction n-butane is converted to 2-Methyl propane
Alkylation is the process of introducing an alkyl group
in friedel crafts alkylation
the reaction is
C6H6 with CH3Cl+AlCl3~ Toluene(C7H8) 
here the alkyl part CH3 substitutes H+ from benzene to form toluene.CH3+ is the electrophile involved in this reaction.
3 years ago
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