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Grade: 11
What is a types of hydrocarbon. Explain brefily.
Please answer it as soon as possible .
one year ago

Answers : (3)

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Basically there are 3 types of hydrocarbons.

1.) Alkanes- with general formula CnH(2n+2) where n is the no. Of carbon atoms. These contain only single bonds or what u call as sigma bonds. During their nomenclature suffix “ane" is used. These are called *Saturated* hydrocarbons.

2.) Alkenes- with general formula CnH(2n). These contain atleast 1 double bond i.e. one sigma and a pi bond. Suffix “ene".

3. Alkynes- with general formula CnH(2n-2). Contain atleast one triple bond i.e one sigma and 2 pi bonds. Suffix “yne”.

Alkenes and alkynes are called *Unsaturated* hydrocarbons.

These hydrocarbons may contain various functional groups like “OH” for alcohol like - CH2OH; “NH2” for amines like -CH2NH2 etc. Based on this, the entire organic chemistry is based.



Arun (askIITians forum expert)

one year ago
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It is of three types
1. Alkane=Cnh2n+2
2. Alkene=CnH2n
3. Alkyne=CnH2n-2
one year ago
aadil khan
askIITians Faculty
49 Points
In simple words anythings that are made up of H and C are called hydrocarbon.
eg: methane, ethane, ethene,ethyne
Between Carbons either there can be a single bond, double or triple bonds.
Multiple bond hydrocarbons are called unsaturated hydrocarbon and single bond hydrocarbons are called saturated hydrocarbons.
one year ago
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