What does this mean : Carbocations are diamagnetic Carbon radical is paramagnetic in nature

What does this mean :
  1.  Carbocations are diamagnetic
  2. Carbon radical is paramagnetic in nature


1 Answers

Aarti Gupta
askIITians Faculty 300 Points
9 years ago
1.Carbocation is an species which is formed as a result of heterolytic cleavage of an bond.It is also known as carbonium ion.Its an positively charged species.The charged carbon atom has six electrons in its outermost shell,i.e we can say it is sextet.This sextet makes the carbocation diamagnetic in nature.Diamagnetic in nature because of even no. of electrons which are paired andslightly repelled by a magnet.
2.Free radicals are formed as a result of homolytic fission of an bond.Carbon free radical is a carbon atom with one unpaired electron.Because of unpaired electron it is paramagnetic (attracted by a magnet)in nature.Paramagnetic nature is because of the spinof the odd electron, the spins of the remaining paired electrons effectively canceling each other.

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