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what are the characters of nuleophiles and electrophiles

what are the characters of nuleophiles and electrophiles

Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

Jayant Kishore
144 Points
5 years ago
Electrophiles : They are electron deficient molecules such as Lewis Acids .Generally neutral electrophiles have incomplete octet or available vacant d-orbital.Ex. BF3,AlCl3.... While some electrophiles are positively charged such as H+, Cl+....
Nucleophiles : Generally they are electron rich molecules such as Lewis Bases.Neutral nucleophiles have complete octet with at least 1 lone pair of electrons.Ex NH3,H2O.. While on the other hand there are some nucleophiles which are negatively charged. Ex OH-.NH2- …
But it should be kept in mind that some molecules can act as both electrophile or nucleophile .Examples include SO2,  PCl3,   CH3CN..

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