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Grade: 12
what are banana bond and what are the reasons that boron and aluminium form this and most of the elements does not??
5 months ago

Answers : (2)

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Banana bond also called as Tau bond is a type of covalent bonding in chemical bonding lesson. It is also called bent bonds due its curved nature of bonding.
The bonds are represented with curved bonds but a normal bonding is represented by a sraight line(–).
The simple reason to understand why banana bonds is formed is due to some **electronic configurational density difference of an element with other element while it is in the process of bonding.**
Let us take simple example instead of organic example…
***Diborane***, a boron compound of molecular formula ***B2H6***.
* Two atoms of boron are in middle and each boron is attached with 2 atoms of hydrogen.
* So each Boron will have two atoms of hydrogen…this makes total of 4 hydrogen atoms.
* The other two hydrogen atoms is between two boron atoms.
* It is said that boron to boron direct bonding is impossible and hence an element is needed as an intermediate for bonding both boron atoms.
* Here the other two atoms of hydrogen acts as intermediate element for boron bonding.
* But when hydrogen comes between boron due to their electron density difference, the bonding becomes curved…this gives the shape of banana like figure.
* As they are two hydrogen atoms bonded to two boron atoms from both ways.. These hydrogen atoms are called as ***Bridge hydrogen.***
* The other 4 hydrogen atoms bonded are called as ***Terminal hydrogen.***
* Thus this is how Diborane exhibit banana bonds or Tau bonds. ***Diborane exhibit TWO BANANA BONDS***
5 months ago
Vikas TU
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Dear student 
Four hydrogen atoms are of one type, which are used in making four normal covalent bonds with two boron atoms. The remaining two H atoms form bridges between the two boron atoms through three-centre electron-pair bonds. Since the shape of the electron cloud resembles a banana, it is called a banana bond.
5 months ago
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