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Grade: 11
Use and reaction machanism of some important reagents like Grignard Reagent,TEL,LAH and some more?
8 months ago

Answers : (2)

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The Grignard reaction (pronounced /ɡriɲar/) is an organometallic chemical reaction in which alkyl, vinyl, or aryl-magnesium halides (Grignard reagents) add to a carbonyl group in an aldehyde or ketone. This reaction is an important tool for the formation of carbon–carbon bonds.
8 months ago
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So here’s your answer:
=> Grignard reagent: Grignard reagent is called an organometallic compound, as it’s general formula is R-Mg-X (where R is an alkyl group and X is a halogen group), which clearly depicts that the carbon of the alkyl group is directly attached to a metal (Magnesium). Grignard reagent has many uses in the organic industry.
Preparation of alkane using Grignard reagent: Alkanes are prepared using Grignard reagent. We need to react it with ethanol or water (hydrolysis).
C2H5MgBr + H2O ----------> C2H6 + Mg(OH)Br
CH3MgCl + C2H5OH -----------> CH4 + Mg(OC2H5)Cl
The Grignard reagent behaves as a nucleophile (as Organometallic compounds are nucleophiles).
=> TEL (Tetra-ethyl Lead): Well, this is a toxic substance, which is practical life is used as an antiknock agent in gasolene tanks. In our reactions, this thing behaves as a nucleophile as it has a huge Pi-bond density. One of the most notable features in TEL is that, it has a weak Pb-C bond, which breaks easily (with less amount of energy) and hence we can proceed further to oxidize organic compounds. So, acting as a nucleophile, TEL is used for attacking electrophiles. It also acts as an oxidizing agent.
=> LAH (Lithium Aluminium Hydride): This is a reducing agent that can reduce only primary and secondary alkyl halide, but has no effect on tertiary halides. So, this reagent is used for preparing alkanes from alkyl halides, in which the halogen group is attached to a primary or secondary carbon atom. (I explained more in the previous answer that I gave you:
=> Sodium Borohydride (NaBH4 with C2H5OH): This is a reducing agent that can reduce only secondary and tertiary alkyl halides, but has no effect on primary alkyl halides). This is used to prepare alkane from secondary and tertiary alkyl halides.
=> TPH (Triphenyl Tin Hydride, Ph3SnH): It is a white, oily substance, which is used as a source of Hydrogen free radical to generate radicals or cleave carbon-oxygen bonds.
Thank you:)
8 months ago
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