To know the basic character of amines in aqueous solution?

To know the basic character of amines in aqueous solution?


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This page looks at the reactions of amines as bases. Their basic properties include the reactions with dilute acids, water and copper(II) ions.

It only deals with amines where the functional group is not attached directly to a benzene ring. Aromatic amines such as phenylamine (aniline) are much weaker bases than the amines discussed on this page and are dealt with separately on a page specifically about phenylamine. If you are interested in phenylamine, read this page first and then follow the link at the bottom.


The basic properties of amines

We are going to have to use two different definitions of the term "base" in this page.

A base is

  • a substance which combines with hydrogen ions. This is the Bronsted-Lowry theory.


    The easiest way of looking at the basic properties of amines is to think of an amine as a modified ammonia molecule. In an amine, one or more of the hydrogen atoms in ammonia has been replaced by a hydrocarbon group.

    Replacing the hydrogens still leaves the lone pair on the nitrogen unchanged - and it is the lone pair on the nitrogen that gives ammonia its basic properties. Amines will therefore

    behave much the same as ammonia in all cases where the lone pair is involved.

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