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Sir/Madam Which book is the best for achieving the upcoming NEET 2020..I have many doubts in organic chemistry

9 months ago

Answers : (1)

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Let me begin with presenting the paper pattern according to which we can create a suitable strategy.
**BIOLOGY**: 90 questions out 180 comes from biology. Every question is of 4 marks and for every wrong answer 1 mark is deducted. So in total it is of 360 marks.
***In terms of scoring, biology and chemistry are relatively easier than physics.***
* **NCERT **is enough for theory. You don’t have to refer to any other book.
* Make short notes using key words.
* 70–75 questions from a total of 90 are directly asked from NCERT. Rest 25% is related to previous year question papers. So make sure you solve them religiously ( NEET, AIPMT AND AIIMS ).
* If you refer to any coaching material then it would be better.
* *INORGANIC*: Study only **NCERT**. Direct question come from NCERT , therefore it would be enough.
* *ORGANIC*: For organic, **NCERT** would be enough for the theory part but along with it you’ll need any **coaching material** or **practice boo**k for solving problems.
* *PHYSICAL*: **P BAHADUR OR N AVASTHI** are good options for PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. Along with it solve previous year question papers for sure.( NEET, AIPMT AND AIIMS )
* *Write down all formulae , important reactions and exception on a sheet of paper and stick it to a wall in front of you so that you can revise them are look through them whenever needed.*
* Physics has been the rank deciding factor for the past 2–3 years as the calculation level has increased
* H C VERMA and D C PANDEY are Probably the best book you can follow for your NEET preparations.These books build a strong theory base . Although D C PANDEY than H C VERMA is better in terms of the quality of questions .
Other than that, you can follow
* AIIMS Explorer by MTG Editorial Board.
* Fundamentals of Physics-Halliday, Resnik and Walker which is good for learning in depth theory .
* Try to score **140+ for a good rank** .
* Try to join a coaching centre(or get coaching material) to prepare for physics as it really needed.
* **Practice atleast 200+ questions**. Theory is as as important as numericals.Ttry to get familiar with tedious calculations.
* *Again make a sheet with all formulae written on it.*
Some more suggestion:
* **Divide your time effectively **. Biology need more time than other subjects as 90 question of the paper comes from biology and only 45 questions each from chemistry and physics each.Try to give 40–45% time to bio in the beginning. since its scoring, it’ll help you boost confidence for your test.
* It’s okay if you don’t score well in mock tests in the beginning. Try to improve slowly. **Take baby steps and work hard.**
* **Don’t even think about skipping even 1 chapter**. Focus more on chapters you think yore weak in.
* **Study everyday.** Invest atleast 7 hours in studying apart from coaching every day. If you’re in class 12th, try to study 8–8.5 hours a day apart from coaching. And for droppers, make sure you study atleast study 10 hours a day, as you don’t have second year to revise everything.
Hope this helped.
9 months ago
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