sir how to score good marks in cbse 12 th board exam

sir how to score good marks in cbse 12th board exam


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askIITians Faculty 165 Points
6 years ago

The above link provides a sweet and simple guidelines to study for 12th board exam.

Studying smartky and following a systematic study pattern will definitely help you attain success in the 12th boards.
Umakant biswal
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6 years ago
@ samarth 
for getting success in 12th board exam u need to first read ncert throughly , 
and study with a proper planning , and that will definitely help u in acheiving great percentage . 
i am giivng u some points for 12th boards , 
1- frst complete ncert theory and then start doing the intext exercise and back questions as they are very very imp with respect to the board point of view . 
2- refer some extra books for maths and ncert exempler is very very imp for maths , physics and chemistry . 
3- prepare a flow chart of organic reaction and reagents involved in them . 
4- for p block and d block element chap learn and revise the reactions everyday , they are a big scoring part . 
5- in physical chemi , they are easy bt u need to be storng in numerical . 
6- before 1.5 month of your board exAm start doing last 10 year previous year paper , thats very very imp . 
7- and also set a time clock and start doing the sample papers . 

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