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Grade: 12
        Sir can you tell some most important chapter for mains?
2 years ago

Answers : (2)

Ashutosh Mohan Sharma
askIITians Faculty
180 Points
							Important chapters :

Coordination Compounds.

Ionic equilibrium.

Halogens and it's derivatives.

Aldehydes ketones ethers esters.

Phenols , carboxylic acids.

Compounds containing nitrogen.



P block.

( D and f blcok have relatively less number of questions when compared to P block elements. )

These above chapters are very important. If you have prepared these to the extremes , you can score around 60 in JEE mains.

If you have done these , you can move ahead to other chapters which have importance as well:

Solid states.

Colligative properties and solutions.

Biomolecules and polymers.

D and f block elements.

All these combines ensure a score above 75 if prepared completely.

Coming to the hard part , in the above list , some chapters are hard but some are easy. Hardness though is a relative term but here are some generalised harder chapters :

Ionic equilibrium.

( Many conditional formulas)

Organic chemistry.

( Too many reactions , effects of various catalyst , reaction mechanisms )

Coordination compounds.

( Only the vbt and CFT parts may be a little tough to understand)

Mole concept.

( If you had problem with this chapter in the beginning of physical chemistry , the problem will persist forever. )

Hope this helps !!

All the best !!
2 years ago
142 Points
							S block and p block ,coordination chemistry ,ionic equilibrium,carboxlyic acids, thermodynamics and states of matter are most imp and have more weightage .
2 years ago
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