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Grade: 12th pass
Read the following statement and explanation and answer as per the options given below :
Statement (S) : Solutbility of n-alcohols in water deacreases with increase in molecular weight.
Explanation (E) : The relative proportion of the hydrocarbon part in alcohols increases with increasing molecular weight which permits enhanced hydrogen bonding with water.
a. Both (S) and (E) are correct and (E) is the correct explanation of (S)
b. Both (S) and (E) are correct but (E) is not the correct explanation of (S).
c. (S) is correct but (E) is wrong.
d. (S) is wrong but (E) is correct.
3 years ago

Answers : (1)

Kevin Nash
askIITians Faculty
332 Points

(c) The solubility of alcohols in water can be explained due to the formation of hydrogen bond between the highly polarized –OH groups present both in alcohol and water. However, in higher alcohols the hydrocarbon character (alkyl chain) of the molecule increases and thus alcohols tend to resemble hydrocarbon (which are insoluble in water) and hence the solubility in water decreases. When the ratio of C to OH is more than 4, alcohols have little solubility in water. So statement is correct but explanation is not.

3 years ago
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