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Q.17, I know LiAlH4 is good reducing agent and give detailed solution

Q.17, I know LiAlH4 is good reducing agent and give detailed solution

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1 Answers

dolly bhatia
200 Points
2 years ago

LiAlH4 is a very very powerful reducing agent. It reduces some of the following organic compounds as follows:

  • aldehydes or ketones to alcohols(1 degree or 2 degree alcohols).
  • amides to amines
  • nitriles to primary amines
  • Esters to alcohols(1 degree)
  • carboxylic acids, acid halides and esters to alcohols

However, LiAlH4 cannot reduce non-polar bond like carbon-carbon double bond or triple bonds, that is, it does not reduce alkenes or alkynes to alkanes.

Lithium Aluminium Hydride cannot reduce isolated carbon-carbon double bonds and arenes. LiAlH4 provide hydride ions.

These cannot attack an electron rich carbon-carbon double bond, or be attacked by a pair of negative electrons from a pi orbital.


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