preparation of ethers

preparation of ethers 


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Aarti Gupta
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8 years ago
Ethers are the organic compounds having general formula ROR where R is alkyl group which may be same or different.There are two general methods for the preparation of ethers:-
1. Williamson’s syntrhesis – In this method an alkyl halide is treated with sodium alkoxide which is prepared from sodium and alcohol.
2R'OH + 2Na -----------------> 2R’-O-Na + H2
alcohol Sodium

R-X + R’-O-Na ---------------> R-O-R’ + NaX

Alkyl Ether Sodium
Halide Halide

2.Dehydration of alcohols -Alcohols can be dehydrated to ethers in presence of conc. sulphuric acid at 413K,which removes one molecule of water from two molecules of alcohol.

2C2H5OH ---------------> C2H5-O-C2H5 + H2O
Ethanol Diethyl

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