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plsssssssssssssssss tell the iupac name of the compound

plsssssssssssssssss tell the iupac name of the compound

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8 Answers

Nancy Mishra
19 Points
3 years ago
It's IUPAC name is pent-2-one. According to the structure there are five carbon atoms present, so it's word root according to the IUPAC rule will be "pent". Then secondary suffix will be "one" ( ketone ).
madhubala singh
30 Points
3 years ago
Since keto group has more priority, we will number the principal chain from left to right .
The principal chain has 4 carbon and one almost group is present on the fourth carbon.
Therefore the iupac name would be
4-methoxy butan-1-one
Susmita lahiri
19 Points
3 years ago
5 -Methoxybutan-1-al is tbe required iupac name of the attached compound...Its apeejay paper 2015-16 right????
16 Points
2 years ago
4 methoxy butanal..........main functional group is aldehyde and methoxy will be treated as a substituent
35 Points
2 years ago
-CHO functional group has higher priority than -OCH3. 
the name is 4-Methoxybutanal.(4-Methoxy-1-butanal) since the number of aldehydic group is one it is not necessary to include that
swechchha pathak
15 Points
2 years ago aldehyde  has more priority then ester so the ester will be name as prifix and the parent chain will contain 4 carbon so the name will 4 methoxy butanal.
103 Points
2 years ago
4-Methoxybutan-1-al is the correct answer. Approve if it is correct.-------------------------++--------------------Regards Rohit
14 Points
2 years ago
4-Methoxybutan-1-al is the IUPAC name of the given compound.
With regards
Swastik Sharma

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