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Grade: 12th pass
Please give the general mechanism for E2.reply the answer it's very urgent for me.
2 months ago

Answers : (2)

Simran Vinaik
askIITians Faculty
1222 Points
							The general form of the E2 mechanism is as follows:
B:= base
X = leaving group (usually halide)

In the E2 mechanism, a base abstracts a proton neighboring the leaving group, forcing the electrons down to make a double bond, and, in so doing, forcing off the leaving group. When numerous things happen simultaneously in a mechanism, such as the E2 reaction, it is called a concerted step.

An example of the E2 reaction:

2 months ago
Vikas TU
7091 Points
E2 mechanism or elemination mechanism is first brought upon the compund by a strong base not a nucleophile.So naturally bases will want prtons to complete their octet. So there will be a backside attack on the substrate by the base removing the proton in the process.This wil leave the substrate unstable so athe leaving group will depart from the bompound leading to the formation of a double bond.
one month ago
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