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Grade: 12
please consider this image and tell that is this statement true if yes then what is the ans of the question asked in jee mains 2020 below- 
A flask contains a mixture of isohexane and 3-methylpentane. One of the liquids boils at 63ºC while the other boils at 60ºC. What is the best way to seperate the two liquids and which one will be distilled out first ? 
(1) simple distillation, isohexane
(2) simple distillation, 3-methylpentane
(3) fractional distillation, 3-methylpentane
(4) fractional distillation, isohexane
my answer is (4) but according to ncert is should be (3) i am confused here.
2 months ago

Answers : (1)

Sandeep Mishra
askIITians Faculty
27 Points
The most volatile component of the mixture exits as a gas at the top of the column. The vapor at the top of the column then passes into the condenser, which cools it down until it liquefies. The separation is more pure with the addition of more trays (to a practical limitation of heat, flow, etc.) Initially, the condensate will be close to the azeotropic composition, but when much of the isohexane has been drawn off, the condensate becomes gradually richer in 3-methylpentane.
So, more condesate will be formed for 3-methylpentane. hence answer would be 3.
one month ago
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