pl. xplain acetaldehyde pyrolysis

pl. xplain acetaldehyde pyrolysis


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Initiation: CH3CHO→·CH3 + ·CHO
Propagation: CH3CHO + ·CH3→CH3CO· + CH4
Propagation: CH3CO·→·CH3 + CO
Termination: ·CH3 + ·CH3→CH3CH3
thats all about the mechanism of the acetaldehyde pyrolysis
The chain carriers ·CH3 and ·CHO are formed initially in the initiation step. To simplify
the treatment, we shall ignore the subsequent reactions of ·CHO, except to note that
they give rise to the formation of CO and of the by-product H2. The chain carrier ·CH3
attacks other reactant molecules in the propagation steps, and each attack gives rise
to a new carrier. Radicals combine and end the chain in the termination step.

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