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Nylon 6 is which polymer condensation or addition ? Plz provide reference

Nylon 6 is which polymer condensation or addition ? Plz provide reference


5 Answers

Vikas TU
14149 Points
5 years ago
With very tough, high strength and tensile nylon – 6 is not a  condensation polymer but a semicrystalline polyamide.
It somewhat resembles the characterstics of Nylon – 6,6.
122 Points
5 years ago
Hi ! Praful ,
            NYLON-6 is a condensation type of polymer.Nylon-6 is other wise known as polycaprolactum.These fibre are wrinkleproof, highly resistance to abbrasion such as chemicals  like acids or alkali .
Nylon-6 is semicrystalline polymide used commonly in tire cord.
Shubhang Sharma
25 Points
4 years ago
Nylon 6 is Condensation Polymer.It is prepared by “caprolactum” which upon conyinued heating undergoes polymerisation to give nylon 6.(It is calld nylon 6 since its monomer caprolactum contains six carbon atoms.
3007 Points
4 years ago
Nylon 6 has monomer unit caprolactum whion on heating realise H2O and form Nylon 6. So it is condensation polymer as it reales H2O. hope it clears
15 Points
one year ago
It is a condensation polymer as per ncert (page 427) .... As far as concerned consider it as condensatiin since ncert is the only book referred for any disputes and challenges to questions in JEE MAINS AND ADVANCE .... AND even NEET

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