most important topics in alcohols phenols ethers!!??

most important topics in alcohols phenols ethers!!??


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Aarti Gupta
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9 years ago
1.First in order to get the basic idea of the compounds study the classification of organic compounds as alcohols,phenols and ethers.
2.Practise IUPAC nomenclature of the compounds.Bond angle and properties of alcohols,phenols and ethers.
3.Oxidation of all three classes of alcohols.
4.Remember the name reaction properly,as they are very important.
5..Production of aspirin.
6.Preparation of phenol specially from cumene.
7.Mechanism of dehydration of ehanol,its production.
8.Physical properties of alcohols and phenols with reasoning.
9.Effect of substituents on nature of phenol.
10.Reaction mechanism between ether and hydrogen iodide.
Above are the important topics which should be covered with other ones also.
Samara khan
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2 years ago
*Classification of alcohol phenol ether .
*IUPAC nomenclature. 
*Preparation of alcohol from Alkene and carbonyl compound. 
*Preparation of phenol from cumene. 
*electrophilic aromatic is substitution,Kolbes reaction, reimer -teimann reaction. 
*Preparation of ether- Williamson synthesis 

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