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Grade: 12th Pass
        In the presence of a trace of peroxide or under the influence of UV light, 1-otene reacts:

with aldehydes RCHO to yield ketones.

plz tell me the mechaenism how it happened?
5 years ago

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 Higher aliphatic monoketones, containing eight or more carbon atoms in the molecule, are known to be valuable high-boiling solvents that are useful for special applications in the formulation of surface-coating compositions, such as lacquers. Such higher ketones are also variously useful as plasticizers, e. g., for synthetic resins, in the perfumery art, and in other commercially important applications. Methods for the synthesis of ketones have been the subject of extensive investigation, and numerous processes have been proposed. Many of the processes heretofore known, however, have been useful primarily for the production of lower ketones, such as ketones containing from three to five carbon atoms, e. g., acetone and. its near higher homologs. Others of the known processes have been limited for practical purposes to laboratoryscale use, due either to the expense of the necessary reagents or the number of processing steps that are required. Still others of the known processes, because of the large capital outlay required for the necessary equipment, are limited by economic factors to the production of ketones for which there is a very large, established market. There has been need for a practical method for the synthesis of higher aliphatic ketones that can be employed on a moderate commercial scale utilizing only readily available starting materials and that can be carried out in the st
4 years ago
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