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in equation al+hcl=alcl+h2 why alcl is not alcl3???

in equation al+hcl=alcl+h2
why alcl is not alcl3???


1 Answers

Aarti Gupta
askIITians Faculty 300 Points
6 years ago
Al + HCl ---------> AlCl + H2
We get AlCl and not the AlCl3 this can be understand by balancing the above equation,
1). Now balancing the equation we see 2 atoms of hydrogen in product side so multiplying the HCl with 2 on reactant side so that it gets balanced on both sides we get,
Al + 2HCl ------------> AlCl + H2
2) Observe Cl on reactant side,thus multiply AlCl with 2 so as to balance Cl on both the sides,
Al + 2HCl ------------> 2AlCl + H2
3).Now look at the no. of Al on product side these are 2 so balancing it, multiply it with 2 on reactant side we get,
2Al + 2HCl -------------> 2AlCl + H2
Thus we get AlCl and not AlCl3

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