In CROSS ALDOL CONDENSATION, as in the picture , I think instead of “ 2-Methylpen-2-ene ” it should form “ hex-3-enal ” and instead of “ 2-methylbut-2-enal ” it should form “ pent-3-enal ”. Am I right.. Plzz.. clear my doubt..

In CROSS ALDOL CONDENSATION, as in the picture , I think instead of “2-Methylpen-2-ene” it should form “hex-3-enal” and instead of “2-methylbut-2-enal” it should form “pent-3-enal”.
Am I right..
Plzz.. clear my doubt.. 

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7 years ago
In aldol condensation reaction in aldehyde group electrons shift towards oxygen atom and carbon gets +ve charge. In another aldehyde group alpha-hydrogen is lost and alpha carbon gets -ve charge. The two intermediates finally give products.The products you mentioned wil be formed if H+ is lost from primary carbon in case of propanal but actually alpha H+ are lost.
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7 years ago
the actual answer given in the attatchement is what you get from self aldol but that is not major product , the major product that you get  is 2-methyl but-2-en-1-al. 

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