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Grade: 11


I m started late but still coverd 4 chapter in chemeestry but 5 and 6 (states of mater and thermodinimics) my sa1 is exactly after 11days both of them have 30. Marks withage out of 70 what shold i do now

4 years ago

Answers : (1)

Umakant biswal
5359 Points
@ mayank 
i think 11 days are sufficient to complete that two chapters . states of matter will take max 4-5 days and rest 6 days are easy to do with thermodynamics as far as school exam syllabus is concerned , 
u only have to focus about imp things not all the concepts . 
in states of matter – 1- focus on all gas laws and make a comparison chart of that all . 
2- pv=nrt . try to apply this perticular equation in problems , 1 ques will be for sure from this . 
3- condition to be fulfill for becoming a ideal gas – this is imp . 
4- and whatever graph are there in ncert , just have a look at them . 
in thermodynamics 
1- path and state function 
2- all besic term of thermodynaimcs 
3- all laws of thermodynamics ( vvimp ) 
4- numericals on hess’s law ( vvimp )-statement also . 
just focus upon these things and u will able to gain those precious mark . 
u can check the revision notes at askiitian sites also , they are helpfull for last minute prep . 
4 years ago
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