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Grade: 12
i am preparing for NEET  so i want to know a trick to easily solve conversions in organic chemistry....??
one year ago

Answers : (1)

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This is something which not only requires a thorough knowledge of Chemistry but also a regular practice !

To solve the conversion problems quickly, you need to know the following topics really well:

i) Reagents (more specifically oxidising and reducing agents )

ii) Basic named reactions

iii) Acidity and basicity (like if a molecule contains more than one acidic protons, and you want to add some base to it ; you should know which proton will be abstracted first )

iv) Electrophilicity and Nucleophilicity

I would like to suggest you that instead of looking for some specific books to cover these topics , just read the chemistry NCERT books of 11th and 12th class thoroughly.

The material given in these books is precise and upto the mark . Questions are given after each chapter for practice . You can practice them to build up your confidence .

Please don't think that these books will be for 11th,12th level only . You can solve almost every conversion problem using the reagents and reactions given in these NCERT books . I'm in final semester of my MSc right now ; and these concepts are still my saviours :)

PS: solve all the conversion problems given at the end of each chapter. This will give your brain an idea of approaching the problems because sometimes it happens that we know the reagents, we know the name reactions as well, still it takes longer time to apply ; this only happens due to lack of practicing !

So practice well and Good luck !

If you face any problem, you're free to ask !

one year ago
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