how to write the IUPAC name to give word. how to the preffix ,primary, secnodary,& rootword.

how to write the IUPAC name to give word.
  1. how to the preffix ,primary, secnodary,& rootword.

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Aarti Gupta
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7 years ago
In order to give a compound an IUPAC name some rules are to be follo which are as follows--
1).Select the longest continous chain of the C-atoms which must include the functional groups like --COOH,--CHO etc.This is the parent chain and called as word root.
2).Primary suffix is given by observing the presence of C-C multiple bond in the chain.
3).The functional group is identified which enables the selection of appropriate secondary suffix or preffix.
4).The C-atoms of the parent chain are numbered in such a way so that the C-atom of the functional group gets the lowest possible number.If the functional group doest not have the C-atom,then the C-atom of the parent chain attatched to the functional group should get the lowest possible number.
5).The name of the compound is then given by arranging prefixes and siffixes along with their positions as follows--
Prefixes – word root – primary suffix --- secondary suffix
For ex-- CH3-CH=CH-COOH
Its IUPAC name will be --- But-2-en-1-oic acid

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