How to Distinguished between ethyl chloride and chlorobenzene?

How to Distinguished between ethyl chloride and chlorobenzene?


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askIITians Faculty 652 Points
6 years ago
Hey student
see the basic difference in these compounds is one is aromatic and the other one is simple alkyl halide
So the aryl halide will give all the reactions of benzene like chlorination, sulphonation etc whereas the other one will not give those corresponding reactions
askIITians Faculty 1281 Points
6 years ago
Treat both ethyl chloride and chlorobenzene with aq. KOH followed by reaction with NaOH and I2(Iodoform Reaction).The test-tube containing ethyl chloride on treatment with KOH gives primary alcohol which later on undergoes iodoform reaction.
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one year ago
 Aqueous KOH will go for SN2 reaction and will form ethanol which gives iodoform test by getting oxidised to aldehyde.Remember halogens are good oxidising agents.

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