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how to distinguish between benzyl alcohol and cyclo hexanol

how to distinguish between benzyl alcohol and cyclo hexanol


1 Answers

Dilli Babu
13 Points
5 years ago
with the help of LUCAS test we could distinguish between primary and secondary alcohol, benzyl alcohol comes under primary alcohol and cyclohexanol is secondary alcohol.
An equimolar mixture of ZnCl2 and HCl is the reagent. The alcohols is protonated by this mixture, and H2O group attached to carbon is replaced by the nucleophile Cl−, which is present in excess. Tertiary alcohols react immediately with Lucas reagent as evidenced by turbidity owing to the low solubility of the organic chloride in the aqueous mixture. Secondary alcohols react within five or so minutes (depending on their solubility). Primary alcohols do not react appreciably with Lucas reagent at room temperature. Hence, the time taken for turbidity to appear is a measure of the reactivity of the class of alcohol.

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