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Grade: 12
how to decide wheather HCl or HBr has higher boiling point and why??????????
10 months ago

Answers : (5)

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							Larger amounts of energy (a higher temperature) are required to break these interactions and so the boiling point of HBr is higher than HCl
10 months ago
Bhavya Dakavaram
17 Points
the answer is given hcl
accordng to the queston n MS Chauhan organic chemistry avanced problems please can  know if that is a mistake in question or understanding
10 months ago
Vikas TU
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Dear student 
HCL has the higher boiling point because it exhibits stronger dipole-dipole forces between molecules.
Hope ths helps 
Good Luck 
10 months ago
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hey friend

Bromine has higher atomic weight than Chlorine. At room temp and pressure Chlorine, Cl2, is a gas ( so is Fluorine) but Bromine Br2 is a liquid. If you go evenfurther down the group Iodine (I2) is actually a solid.

The same effect is seen with HCl and HBr which have BPs of 110 and 122 degs C respectively. The reason both are liquids (vs the original halogens) is they both have strong Van Der Waal forces between the positive H end of the molecule and the negative Cl or Br end. This attraction means more energy, in the form of heat is needed to separate them. Hence a higher BP than the halogens.

hope this helps.

thank u

19 days ago
Srinivasan S
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HI friend,
At the outset, the query itself is not correctly formulated.
Are you asking about free HCl and HBr or about HCl acid and HBr acid?
If its the former, pl. know that both free HCl and HBr are gases at STP and thus won’t essentially have a “boiling point”.
If its the latter, then as Rishika mentioned, HBr acid (which is HBr gas dissolved in water) has a higher b.p. than HCl acid (HCl gas in water). HI acid has the highest among all halogen acids. 
For additional info, the acidity is HI>HBr>HCl>HF in water as they are dissociated into Hand X ions  in decreasing order as given for the aciditiies mentioned. The concentration of the acids are also correspondingly higher in water in the same order being 57% for HI to 48-50% for HBr to 36% for HCl.
Hope this helps.
19 days ago
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