How to convert methanol to ethanol? surajit Chatterjee

How to convert methanol to ethanol?
surajit Chatterjee


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ankit goyal
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8 years ago
firstly methanol convert to methyl alcohol in presence of PI3 and then to methyl magnesium iodide in presence of mg/ether and then apply grignard reaction
Siddarth Siddu
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8 years ago
 CH3-OH + HBr ------> CH3Br + H2O 
2CH3Br -------->CH2=CH2(Alc.Koh)
treat ethene with h2so4 to give enthanol..
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6 years ago
CH3OH (methanol) + red P/I2 or, HI ---->CH3I (methyl iodide) + KCN ----->CH3CN(methyl cyanide) +Na/C2H5OH ------>CH3CH2NH2 +HNO2 ------->CH3CH2OH (ethanol)
Gagan Shishodia
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6 years ago
CH3OH+HCl----->CH3Cl 2CH3Cl+2Na------->CH3-CH3+2NaCl(DryEther)CH3-CH3+HCl----->CH3-CH2-Cl+H2CH3-CH2-Cl+KOH(aq)----->CH3-CH2-OH
Abdul Rauf
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5 years ago
CH3-OH +[O]------>HCHO +H2O (Cu 400°C 200atm).HCHO+CH3-Mg-Br------>CH3-CH2-OH +Br-Mg-OH Treat in the presence of dry ether
Rimsha Majeed
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5 years ago
FIRST REACT CH3OH with PCl3 to get Methyl chloride. Then react it with Mg/ether to form methly magnecium chloride further react the product with formaldehyde to get C2H5OH.

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