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How does resorcinol (1,3 dihydroxy benzene) undergo iodoform

How does resorcinol (1,3 dihydroxy benzene) undergo iodoform


4 Answers

samudhbhav prabhu
14 Points
7 years ago
According to me, it may be because of the electron withdrawing effect of 2 -OH groups. Since they are in meta positions with respect to each other the inductive(-I) effect is a bit predominant and this makes the H atoms between the 2 Carbon atoms carrying -OH more acidic and hence gives iodoform test... (Remember presence of acidic H is important in deciding)
18 Points
7 years ago
How does an acidic hydrogen help in it?? Please explain Also doent it lose aromaticity by undergoing iodoform. IS such a thing possible??
Alok kumar gupta
12 Points
4 years ago
resorcinol undergoes keto enol tautomerisation ,due to this the CH2 group between the OH groups is activateted,and the hydrogen become acidic,so it can give iodoform test easily.
Alok kumar gupta
12 Points
4 years ago
and yes aromaticity will be lost,but it will tautomerise only under either acidic,or in this case basic

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