Explain the estimation of halogens by carius method

Explain the estimation of halogens by carius method


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Halogens are estimated by the Carius method. In this method, a known quantity of organic compound is heated with fuming nitric acid in the presence of silver nitrate, contained in a hard glass tube called the Carius tube, taken in a furnace. Carbon and hydrogen that are present in the compound are oxidized to form CO2 and H2O respectively and the halogen present in the compound is converted to the form of AgX. This AgX is then filtered, washed, dried, and weighed from which jalogen can be estimated.

Let the mass of organic compound be m g.

Mass of AgX formed = m1 g

1 mol of Agx contains 1 mol of X.


Mass of halogen in m1 g of AgX

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