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expalin optical isomerism and its types with neat and clean figure.

expalin optical isomerism and its types with neat and clean figure.


2 Answers

Aarti Gupta
askIITians Faculty 300 Points
7 years ago
Optical isomerism is a form of stereoisomerism.In stereoisomerism the isomers have similar molecular formula but differs in spatial arrangement of atoms.
Optical isomers are those isomers which have same structural and molecular formula but forms non-superimposable images.In order to understand the optical isomerism it is important to understand the plane polarised light and chirality.
Plane-polarised light – It is found that when an ordinary light is passed through the nicole prism(which is made of calcite,one of the crystalline form of CaCO3),the emitted light waves vibrate only in one plane and it is called the plane polarised light.
Optically active substances- Those substances which are capable of rotating the path of plane polarised either ot left or right are called the optically active substances.These optically active substances are generally occurs as pair of molecules known as optical isomers.Such isomers forms non-superimposable images like our left and right hands which cannot be superimposed on each other.
This phenomenon of existing of isomers which cannot be superimpose on each others is called the optical isomerism.For ex- lactic acid shows optical isomerism.
The important condition of the substance to show this isomerism is that it must have chiral carbon.Chiral carbon is that carbon which is attatched to four different atoms and also known as assymetric carbon.

Daaru singh
14 Points
9 months ago
Go and learn class notes.... First then solve pyqs.                                                                                  
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