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ethanol + HBr -----> ethylbromide + water please give mechanism this question came in cbse 2014 exam

ethanol + HBr -----> ethylbromide + water
please give mechanism
this question came in cbse 2014 exam

Grade:12th pass

3 Answers

Ruchi Shaw
askIITians Faculty 35 Points
7 years ago
When treated with HBr,ethanol goes a nucleophilic substitution reaction to generate ethylbromide and water.Reaction usually proceeds via SN1 mechanism which proceeds via a carbocation intermediate that can also undergo rearrangement.
Step 1 ) An acid base reaction takes place,Protonation of the alcoholic oxygen takes place to make it a better leaving group. This step is very fast and reversible. The lone pairs on the oxygen make it a Lewis base.
Step 2) Cleavage of the C-O bond allows the loss of the good leaving group, a neutral water molecule to give a carbocation intermediate.This is the rate determining step (bond breaking is intermediate)
Step 3 ) Attack of the nucleophilic bromide ion on the elctrophilic carbocations create ethylbromide.
Thanks & Regards
Ruchi Shaw
askIITians faculty

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15 Points
8 months ago
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Sachin D
32 Points
8 months ago
It is an SN1 mechanism. SN1 reaction mechanism follows a step-by-step process wherein first, the carbocation is formed from the removal of the leaving group. Then the carbocation is attacked by the nucleophile.

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