direct nitration of aniline is not carried out

direct nitration of aniline is not carried out


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Sunil Kumar FP
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10 years ago
direct nitartion is not carried out because it will result in the reaction between nh2 and hno3.(acid and base reaction forming a salt).hno3 will react with nh2 converting it into no2.thus it is necesaary to prevent nh2 before nitration.

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sunil kr
askIItian faculty
Devansh Gupta
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6 years ago
because NH2 is a highly activating grp so if direct nitration of aniline is done ,the product will be uncontrollable. Moreover, nitrogen can accept electron of nitrate ion resulting in formation of NH3+ over benzene ring forming meta product
Devyani Pawar
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6 years ago
Direct nitration of aniline yields tarry oxidation products in addition to the nitro derivatives.Moreover, in strongly acidic medium, aniline is protonated to form anilinium ion which is meta directing. That is why, besides ortho (2%) and para (51%) derivatives, significant amount (47%) of meta derivatives is also formed.
However, by protecting -NH group by acetylation reaction, para derivatives can be obtained as the major products.
syed salman
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5 years ago
-NH2 group is susceptible to oxidation reactions and on direct nitration forms anilinium ion which is meta directing. This results in formation of uncontrolled products like large amounts of p- and m-nitroaniline. 
-NH2 group is first protected by acetylation reaction and then nitration is carried out to give p-nitroaniline as the major product.

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