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Grade: 11
        D-glucose is similar to this one but i am not able to draw howarth projection if this structure!!I need answer asap..plz .....ty
3 years ago

Answers : (1)

Vikas TU
10337 Points
Haworth projection should obey the following characterstics in order to process the D-glucose further:
For Carbon it is the verifiable kind of molecule. In the case on the privilege, the molecules numbered from 1 to 6 are all carbon particles. Carbon 1 is known as the anomeric carbon. 
Hydrogen iotas on carbon are verifiable. In the case, molecules 1 to 6 have additional hydrogen particles not delineated. 
A thicker line shows iotas that are nearer to the spectator. In the case on the right, molecules 2 and 3 (and their comparing OH gatherings) are the nearest to the onlooker. Iotas 1 and 4 are more remote from the spectator. Molecule 5 and alternate particles are the most remote. 
The gatherings beneath the plane of the ring in Haworth projections compare to those on the right-hand side of a Fischer projection. This lead does not have any significant bearing to the gatherings on the two ring carbons attached to the endocyclic oxygen iota.
2 years ago
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