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Grade: 11
  1. Correct energy profile for amine inversion and hybridization of nitrogen in transition state is:
Plz see the image and explain its mechanism
5 years ago

Answers : (3)

13 Points
Yo Yo Honey singh  D is correct
4 years ago
Ravi Shankar
24 Points
							Potential energy of A & B is same $ transition state has the characteristics of sp2. So and is in this way same transition state is correct option I.e d.
3 years ago
adnan abbas
21 Points
Amine inversion was first discovered in 1934 . 
what happens is the lone pair keeps shifting its position . if for instance it is at the north pole after inversion , it goes to 
the south pole . this is a amazing phenomenon known as quantum mechanical tunneling , 
As we all know , amine is sp3 hybridised and the transition state  is sp2 hybridised as the lone pair enters the nucleus leaving behind a vacant orbital . 
And after some time , the lone pair popes out of the other side . Since , the inverted amine is an enantiomer . the energy remains the same . 
3 years ago
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