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Grade: 10
Consider the two first order reactions X → Y and Y → X for which the rate constants k1 and k2 are 4.0 ×10^3 s^(−1) and 2.0×10^3 s^(−1) respectively. One mole of X and three moles of Y are allowed to react and the concentrations of X and Y are measured as a function of time and plotted.
The correct figure showing the variation of the concentrations [X] and [Y] with time and the correct equilibrium concentrations [X]eq and [Y]eq of X and Y are (Figures are not drawn to scale.)
11 months ago

Answers : (1)

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Consider the rxn X ->Y
The eqilibrium constant keq=k1/k=2=[Y]/[X]
Let the no. Of moles of y reacted to give x be a
So, 2=(3-a)/(1+a)
Therefore, at equilibrium
Hence, option (B) is correct
9 months ago
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