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Grade: 12
carbon atom in methyl carbocation contains how many pairs of electron
one year ago

Answers : (5)

Suraj Singh
148 Points
							Carbon atoms in methyl carbocation (CH3+) has no lone pairs and 3 bond pairs.......  NOť less than 100 char
one year ago
23 Points
							Hi dear,                CH3+ doesn`t have any lone pair of electrons. Methyl group is a electron donating group because of that it gains +ve charge on it.
one year ago
Vishal Jagwani
25 Points
							4, because Carbon contains 6 electrons Bonded with hydrogen in covalent bond 3 pairs of electron in CH3+ and 1 pair in 1s2 orbit
5 months ago
Amarjeet Chaurasia
11 Points
							Atom no of C is 6(1s2,2s2,2p2). Methyl carbocation contains 3 bond so it has 6 electron in last orbit and it has already 2 electron in 1s2 which is not involved in bonding. Hence total 8 electron or 4 pairs of electrons.
3 months ago
salman khan
57 Points
In CH^{_{3}}+  carbon have no lone pair as it share all its 3 remain electron with hydrogen atom to form bond.
3 months ago
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