can you list out all the naming reactions for class 12 in organic chemistry

can you list out all the naming reactions for class 12 in organic chemistry


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Aarti Gupta
askIITians Faculty 300 Points
7 years ago
Some of the important reactions are as follows--
Sabatier and Sandern’s reaction,Wurtz Reaction,Williamson’s synthesis,Wurtz Fittig reaction,Wolf-Kishner reduction,Reimer Tiemann reaction,Rosenmund’s reaction,Perkin reaction,Sandmeyer’s reaction,Ulmann reaction,Tischenko reaction,Wittig reaction,Transesterification,Stephen’s reaction,Schotten Baumann reaction,Schiemann reaction,Mendius reaction,Kolbe’s electrolysis reaction,Kolbe’s Schmidt reaction,Hydroboration reaction,Hundsdiecker reaction,Hoffmann bromamide reaction,Hoffmann elimination reaction,Hoffmann mustard reaction,Hell Volhard Zelinsky reaction,Haloform raection,Gattermann reaction,Gattermann Koch reaction,Gabriel pthalamide reaction,Fries reaction,Friedal Craft’s reaction,Friedal Craft’s acylation,Coupling reaction,Diazotisation reaction,Diels-Alder reaction,Etard’s reaction,Esterification reaction,Elb’s reaction,Fittig’s reaction,Finkelstein reaction,Exhaustive reaction,Aldol condensation reaction,Cross-aldol condensation reaction,Benzoin condensation,Canninzaro reaction,Carbylamine reaction,Clasein condensation reaction,Clemmensen reaction,Balz-Schiemann reaction,Bouveault Blane reaction,Baeyer Villiger oxidation of ketones,Libermann nitroso reaction,Oxymercuration and deoxymercuration of alkenes,Knoevenagel reaction,Stecker’s synthesis.

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