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can u provide me the all organic compounds giving iodoform tests

can u provide me the all organic compounds giving iodoform tests

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1 Answers

Aarti Gupta
askIITians Faculty 300 Points
6 years ago
Iodoform test is the test which is used for the detection of acetaldehyde and all methyl ketone which have the formula:--R-CO-CH3.Iodoform,CHI3 is a yellow solid with a strong medicinal smell.Iodoform will precipitate out of a mixture of methyl ketone, iodine and base.Besides this,compounds that can be easily oxidized to acetaldehyde and methyl ketones also give positive iodoform test.Only ethanol can be oxidized to acetaldehyde and secondary alcohol that have the general formula CH3CH(OH)R can be oxidized to methyl ketones.In case of methyl ketones reaction will be as follows--
RCOCH3 +3I2 +4NaOH -------> 3NaI +3H2O + RCOONa + CHI3

Acetaldehyde,give the formation of iodoform in the following form--
CH3CHO + 3I2 + 4NaOH ------>3NaI + 3H2O + HCOONa + CHI3

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