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Grade: 10


Can someone the defintion(specific and direct) and differences between aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons?

4 years ago

Answers : (5)

Biswajit dash
22 Points
							Aliphatic hydrocarbon possess straight chains. And aromatic hydrocarbon contains a aromatic chain like a benzene ring
4 years ago
Umakant biswal
5359 Points
Aliphatic compounds can be saturated, joined by single bonds (alkanes), or unsaturated, with double bonds (alkenes) or triple bonds (alkynes). Besides hydrogen, other elements can be bound to the carbon chain, the most common being oxygen, nitrogen, sulphur, and chlorine.
they may be alkane , alkene , or alkynes . 
AROMATIC have a pleasant odour , hence , they are called so . 
they are found to contain benzene ring . 
they have 2 types – benzenoids and non – benzenoids . on the besic of contain of benzene ring or not . 
its planer , complete delocalisation of pie – electrons in the ring . 

4 years ago
Sayan Bhowmik
40 Points
							Aromatic hydrocarbon is a closed ring structure whereas aliphatic is not closed ring but a straight chain structure
3 years ago
P Akhil reddy
34 Points
Aliphatic compounds are the straight chain compounds where as aromatic are the ring structure compounds.
ex:butane and toulene respectively.
further there are saturated and unsaturated compounds.Alkanes,alkene,alkynes are aliphatic compounds inwhich alkanes are saturated ,,remaining are unsaturated.All the aromatic are unsaturated.
Aromatic give sooty flame whereas aliphatic give non-sooty flame.
3 years ago
c venkateswarlu
23 Points
alidhatic compounds are open chain structure and aromatic compounds are closed ring resonance structure
3 years ago
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