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can anyone give me test for alcohals ? I WANT JUST THE NAME
one year ago

Answers : (1)

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Distinction test for primary, secondary and tertiary alcohols

1. By oxidation :

 The nature of the oxidation products of alcohols depends upon the nature of alcohol. The oxidizing agent used commonly are acidified K2Cr2O7, alkaline or acidified KMnO4or dilute HNO3.


Note :

In case of primary alcohol, aldehyde and aci both have same no. of C atoms as parent alcohols have.

In case of secondary alcohols, ketone has same no. of carbon atoms but acid has lees carbon atom than alcohol and ketone.

Tertiary alcohols are not oxidized in neutral or alkaline medium, however under drastic oxidation it gives ketone and acid both having lesser number of carbon atoms that the parent alcohol.

 In case of oxidation of unsymmetrical ketones, the splitting of the ketonic chain takes place according to Popff's rule, that the carbonyl group always remains attached to a smaller alkyl gp.      

2. By catalytic dehydrogenation :

The dehydrogenation of alcohol vapours passed over reduced Cu at 300oC gives different products depending upon the nature of alcohols.


3. By Victor Meyer's test :  Alcohols are subjected to a series of operations given below. The final colour of solution indicates the nature of alcohol. 


Addition of NaOH simply increases the dissociation of nitrolic acid to increase the concentration of red coloured anions.

4Lucas reagent test : This test is based on the reactivity order of alcohols to replace -OH gp by halogen atom i.e. T.A. > S.A. > P.A. The alcohols are allowed to react with Lucas reagent (i.e. conc. HCI and ZnCI2 anhydrous) and following observations are noticed.

one year ago
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