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Grade: 12
Calculate the magnetic moment of a divalent ion in aqueous medium if its
atomic number is 26.
2 years ago

Answers : (2)

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Dear Student
atomic no = 26
The divalent ion in aqueous solution with atomic number 25 will be having a d6 configuration
i.e. it will be having 4 unpaired electrons
Magnetic moment can be calculated as follows:
\mu= 5.099
\mu= 5.1 BM
Arun (askIItians forum expert)
2 years ago
praveen kumar
144 Points
HERE atomic number z=26 means it  is ferrum. it has configuration of d6 s2 on losing 2 electrons that forms d6 configuration. in this configuartion we have 4 unpaired electrons such that the magnetic moment is calculated by
root over n(n+2) i.e.root of 4(4+2)=root 24=4.898 is the magenetic of given ion.
2 years ago
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