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simran Jakhar Grade: 11
        Are all geometrical isomers diasteriomers ?? If yes,then why are diasteriomers are a part of optical isomers?? If no,then why not as they satisfies all conditions of diasteriomers...Can u provide me the classification and it`s basis of class. of stereoisomerism ....plz.
one year ago

Answers : (1)

Suraj Singh
148 Points
										Diasteriomers are the compounds which are sterioisomers and are not mirror images of each other...  For eg..  Geometrical isomers are Diasteriomers as they are sterioisomers and are not mirror images of each other.....  The compounds which shows optical isomerism can also be Diasteriomers for eg..  2,3 dimethy butane and 1,2 dimethyl cyclopentane..  They both are optically active but are not mirror images of each other. Simply all compounds which either shows geometrical isomerism or optical isomerism and whose mirror images are non superimposible are Diasteriomers....  Hope U like it
one year ago
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