Approach for finding a meso compound. meaning of epimers.

Approach for finding a meso compound. 
meaning of epimers.


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K Keerthirajan
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8 years ago

A meso compound is "superposable" on its mirror image (not to be confused with superimposable, as any two objects can be superimposed over one another regardless of whether they are the same. If two objects can be superposed, all aspects of the objects coincide) and it does not produce a "(+)" or "(-)" reading when analyzed with a polarimeter.



Epimers are diastereomers that contain more than one chiral center but differ from each other in the absolute configuration at only one chiral centre.


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8 years ago
check out the plane of symmetry and look for both the same value of R and S in the structure
epimers are those diastereomers which do have a single chiral centre and i think that it is the second carbom

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